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More than 40 years of experience from supplying tools to the GRP-Industry!

– High quality tools

– Technical and cost efficient solutions

– Developed together with the GRP industry

We continuously try to improve and develop our tools. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

Paddle roller / Fin roller / Corner roller

Here you will find our products of paddle roller, designed for chopped fiberglass and our fin roller, designed for one-way fiberglass. You will also find our products of corner roller.

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SF Roller / PY2 Roller

Our synthetic fibre rollers are intended for the application of polyester. All types are supplied with plastic bearings provided with four holes for easy cleaning with solvents. The plastic handle is designed to give a stable and comfortable exertion. Furthermore it is hollow so Swedtool extensions fit perfectly.

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Radieroller / Tacky Tape roller

Here you find our radius roller that helps to get the glass fibre all the way out into corners, both before and after the vacuum bag is applied. As well as our tacky tape roller who are being used to make sure a bond is made between the tacky tape, the mould and the vacuum bag in order to create an airtight seal to accommodate vacuum.

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One of our latest products ErgoRoller1 and ErgoRoller2 are lightweight rollers used primarily for reinforcing with CSM. It saves worktime and is environmentally friendly and most important reduces repetitive strain injuries to arms and hands due to, it weight reduction, which is 40% less compared to aluminium rollers.

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Here you will find our high-quality telescopic extensions in anodized aluminium
with a corrugated outer tube and a smooth inner tube. Also our accessories plastic ends and metal washers.

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Catalyst Dispenser

Swedtool catalyst dispensers have been specially developed to simplify rapid measurement of small amounts of liquid, in particular hardeners in the plastics industry. It is also supplied for dosage of washing-up liquid and detergent within the farming, restaurants and industrial industries.

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