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The Swedtool range of products has its origins from the early -70 and the agency for Thermindex was initiated in the early -80’s. The Owner at that time was the company C-O Witte AB, which later became Wings AB. C-O Witte AB represented a variety of different suppliers within the shipyard industry.

The company was founded in Dec 2007 as a subsidiary to Wings AB, at that time the company name was Wings Tec AB. In April 2008 the ownership changed and Wings Tec AB became an independent company, later that year the name changed to Swedtool Technologies AB. Our main focus is tools for the reinforced plastics industries but we also carry an agency for surface temperature indicators, from Thermindex.


Swedtool® stands for a wide range of roller tools for the reinforced plastics industry. Many years of experience and from working close to the industry has resulted in high quality rollers and catalyst dispensers. Since the beginning of the 1970s has sales of Swedtool product increased and we are today represented in over 35 countries worldwide.

Our tools are used in many different markets and industries where reliability and functionality has to be taken for granted.


– Shipyards
– Windmills
– Cars, trucks and recreational vehicles
– Pipes
– Roofing
– Storage tanks & Reservoirs

Thermindex is the brand name for a variety of different products that are used for surface temperature measurements. The brand name is owned by Thermographic Measurements Ltd and Swedtool Technologies owns the agency for the Swedish market.


The Seagull: The story about Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by author Richard Bach, is partly part of the creation of the bird in Swedtools logo. The book is a metaphorical and allegorical story about a seagull and his boredom with daily squabbles over food. Seized by a passion for flight, he pushes himself, learning everything he can about flying. The bird in our logo is a combination of a magpie and seagull.

– The representation of the Swedtool bird is to seize the moment and to challenge ourselves to reach our full potential in everything we get involved in.