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Swedtool™ Paddle Roller

Designed for chopped fiberglass

 Advantages with Swedtool Paddle Roller

– Champfered edges to prevent tearing of materials
– Longer life span
– Increases glass level
– Holes on ends for easy cleaning (45mm)
– Head screw, robust construction and easy to remove
– Space between steel bend and roller to prevent clogging

Name Art nr. Width Dia
  70/21 50-000101   70 mm 21 mm
140/21 50-000103 140 mm 21 mm
140/21-600* 50-000105 140 mm 21 mm
180/21 50-000107 180 mm 21 mm
  70/45 50-000111   70 mm 45 mm
140/45 50-000112 140 mm 45 mm
180/45 50-000113 180 mm 45 mm
250/45 50-000114 250 mm 45 mm

Swedtool paddle rollers are available in eight different sizes. The material is extruded aluminium. The rollers are supplied with plastic ends as standard. The 21 mm tool can also be delivered with brass ends on request.
Rollers with 21mm dia. are supplied with 7mm steel bends and acetal ends. Rollers with 45mm dia. are supplied with 8mm steel bends and polyamid ends.

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    Swedtool™ Fin Roller

    Designed for one-way fiberglass

    Advantages with Swedtool Fin Roller

    – Follows the fibre direction
    – Aluminum alloy with unique groove cutting properties
    – No loose washers that clogs
    – Cylinder shape is maintained
    – Longer life span
    – Increases the glass level in the finished product
    – Less splashing
    – Creates a more even laminate

    Name Art nr. Width Dia
      35/12S 50-000121   35 mm 12 mm
      70/12S 50-000122   70 mm 12 mm
      70/30S 50-000123   70 mm 30 mm
    112/12S 50-000127 112 mm 12 mm
    140/22S 50-000125 140 mm 22 mm
    Name  Art nr.  Width  Dia
    11/40-300 50-000131     7 mm 40 mm
    11/40-530 50-000132     7 mm 40 mm

    Swedtool fin rollers are produced in four different sizes. The roller profiles are made from a special aluminium alloy with unique groove-cutting properties. In this way we have avoided rollers that comprise loose washers and that in turn can lock the roller, with a detrimental effect.
    The use of fin rollers produces less splashing from the plastic compared with the equivalent paddle rollers.

    35/12S and 70/12S are delivered with brass ends.
    The larger types 70/30S and 140/22S are delivered with acetal ends, but can be obtained with brass ends on request.

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