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Thermindex ® “Colour Change Thermometry”

Examples of areas of application:

– automotive industry
– mechanical industry
– electrical constructions
– railway carriages
– computer equipment
– mining industry
– food industry, for example dairies and the preserving industry
– transport
– preventive maintenance

Measuring the temperature of a surface can often be extremely important for a function or industrial process. Below is a presentation of functions and properties:

Irreversible surface temperature indicators:

This type of indicator generally consists of a temperature-sensitive chemical that has been fixed over a black surface. When heated, the chemical melts and becomes transparent, whereupon the underlying black surface appears. This technique is used for temperature gauges in many different forms and sizes. Gauges intended for indication of low temperatures (up to 160°C) are sealed in polyester. For gauges intended for temperatures above 170°C, Polymide (Kapton) is used. The result is a low-weight product that is easy to apply and to use. Effectively the chemicals have an accuracy of +/- 0,1°C, which in practice is specified as 1°C. The reaction time is short – a maximum of 1 second. The chemicals are sensitive to moisture and pressure above 100 psi, which is why they have been encapsulated, in order thereby to achieve as wide a range of application as possible.

The indicators that are described above are normally used in the form of self-adhesive strips or dots in the temperature range 40°C-260°C. These have been used with good results for many years for a multitude of different purposes.

The indicators can also be configurated to personal design, logos, sizes, etc. 

Reversible surface temperature indicators:

Thermochromic material or crystal material with a measurement range of -30°C to +90°C. Temperature-sensitive crayons and paints are also available in the range.

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