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Swedtool® Catalyst Dispenser

Name Art.nr. Form
Dosimeter 1 liter 60-000101 Rund
Dosimeter 1/2 liter 60-000102 Rektangulär

For measuring of hardeners

– Simple to use
– Accurate
– Handles most types of fluids
– Safe to use


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    The dispensers have been specially developed to simplify rapid measurement of small amounts of liquid, in particular hardeners in the plastics industry.

    It is simple to use.
    The hole in the orange-coloured tube is set to the required level of liquid volume according to the scale on the measuring glass. The dispenser is then carefully pressed together and the liquid automatically fills the measuring glass to the desired level. In the event too much liquid is pressed up into the measuring glass, the correct level is automatically set once the pressure has ceased.

    Catalyst Dispenser technical info:
    Measuring glass: TPX – transparent, can cope with most types of liquids
    Bottle & tube: PE

    The 0-75 ml scale is indelible. The lid on the measuring glass and the plug in the tube prevents splashing.